Sunday, June 8, 2008

The 1st Weekend

Mr. Fauzi and all his fellows look so serious to listen to the explanation of Mr. Akhlis, when the first weekend meeting carried out in the meeting hall of EECC. Mr. Akhlis said that every weekend would be a relax program after getting the lesson during five days. Almost every body is interested in the program because there is no particular assignment from instructors to do. On the other hand the students would get some relax programs like watching movie, discussing with native speaker or outgoing to Kediri tourist resort.

Kediri has some tourist objects like Kelud Mountain, Ironggolo and Dolo waterfalls, Joyoboyo sites, Surowono cave and temple, Tegowangi and Tondowongso temples, Tirta Ria swimming pool, Klothok Mountain, Selomangleng cave. Besides being a former kingdom of Dhaha, Kediri is also well known as Kota Santri.

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