Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mr. Ali Masykur

I am sure everybody once falls in love. Unfortunately it is very difficult to express it moreover the first love. Even though there are many girls/boys who let their love just the way it is. But here I would be glad to give you steps that you have to pay attention to express your love. The first you should have bravery. You have to be brave enough to give signal to him/her by doing something politely, the second is by telling his/her friends that you love him/her by sending greeting or letter, hopefully your friends will tell him/her about your feeling. But you must be ready to accept whatever her/his decision, because it is her/his right to receive or refuse you. If your first struggle is rejected by all until 4 or 5 times by various ways. If she/he finally does not love you, please don't be disappointed, trust me the rejection will make you more mature. Ali said in his speech.

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