Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bulletin Board

This bulletin board belongs to the students of EECC. The students of EECC Pare should express and share their idea. They can make poem, articles or whatever they want to write down their thought. This is a simple media to improve their knowledge especially in writing skill. They also share their creativity in speaking skill by making drama from the story of some legends in our beloved country.


mitramadu said...

Hi,mr akhlis you are very perfect person. I will be like you, would you like give me the method? Thankfull 4 your kindness.

Mr. Akhlis said...

Hi, Mr. Nidak, I am very well thanks. Please don't say like that, I am shy to listen it. I know you are great man I have ever seen. Congratulation for your successful in business especially "mitra madu" or HONEY. This is very wonderful business and useful in this world as well as in the next world.
Thanks for your kind attentions. Bye.