Saturday, December 11, 2010

Democrat denies motives behind Yogya status debate

Democratic Party’s deputy secretary-general Saan Mustopa denied the accusation that the Democratic Party had political interest in the heated debate over Yogyakarta’s special status.

“Don’t look at us that way. We don’t have any hidden agenda behind this, In fact, we want to put the sultan in his proper place by placing him above all political interests,” he told journalists on Friday.

He said it was about the time it was known that the sultan belonged to all people of Yogyakarta and not just certain individuals.

As of Friday, Sultan Hamengkubuwono X was still registered as a member of the Golkar Party, he said.

Being the main sponsor to favor the Yogyakarta people electing a new governor from outside the sultanate walls; The Democratic Party was right now harvesting protests that mainly suspected the party of having its own agenda – to deflate the votes of the sultan’s supporters in order to gain victory at the upcoming general elections.

When asked for comment over Sultan Hamengkubuwono X’s younger brother Prince Prabukusumo's recent resignation from Yogyakarta’s Democratic Party, Saan said he could fully comprehend the action that had been taken by Prabukusumo.

“We all know that he faced this dilemma. However, I fully believe that choosing the royal family over the Democratic Party would not end our cooperation. I hope that we can still develop a mutual relationship in the

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