Friday, December 31, 2010

Jambi farmers delay planting

JAMBI CITY, Jambi: The rainy season has forced farmers in Jambi to postpone planting as their farms are located in areas prone to flash floods.

Jambi agricultural agency head Abu Suchamah said the planting season generally began in mid-December, but those living along riverbanks were forced to wait because of the river constantly overflowing due to high rainfall.

Rivers have overflowed and swamped rice fields in areas in Muarojambi, Batanghari, Bungo, Tebo, Sarolangun, East Tanjungjabung and West Tanjungjabung regencies on the edge of Jambi.

Abu said the delay would not disrupt or reduce production because the postponement would only be for about two weeks. — JP

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