Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gayus shares birthday with Indonesia: Fake passport

“This is a photo of Gayus with a wig [as seen] on the “Sony Laksono” passport. The same pseudonym Gayus [used] when he watched tennis in Bali,” Denny wrote below the snapshot.

The passport boasts a photo of Gayus sporting a mop-top style wig and black-rimmed spectacles resembling those he wore when he attended the Commonwealth tennis tournament in Bali.

A Gayus look-alike was photographed watching the tournament last November. Gayus later admitted it was indeed him, adding that he had bribed a prison warden to secure the excursion.

Gayus' date of birth on the fake passport is written as “Aug 17, 1975,” making him around four years older and making his birthday fall on Indonesia's anniversary of independence.

A passenger of an AirAsia flight wrote to Kompas daily she had seen a man resembling Gayus sharing her flight to Singapore in September.

Nearing midday on Wednesday, the Twitter-based snapshot of the fake passport had been viewed 18,122 times.

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