Sunday, January 30, 2011

Obama Praises an Indonesian Entrepreneur

VIVAnews - U.S. President Barack Obama recognized the role of an Indonesian entrepreneur in mobilizing people's economy, including in rural areas. Obama gave the acknowledgment during his speech at the opening of the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship attended by Business and social entrepreneurs from Muslim-majority countries from around the world

In the event that took place in Washington DC, Monday 26 April 2010, Obama specifically mentioned the name of an Indonesian businessman, Tri Mumpuni, before 250 businessmen from 50 countries.

“And we’ve got social entrepreneurs like Tri Mumpuni, who has helped rural communities in Indonesia -- (applause) -- harness the electricity, and revenues, of hydro-power,” said Obama.

The U.S. government invited nine Indonesian representatives to this summit. They are Putra Sampoerna, Ananda Siregar, Sandiaga Uno, Shinta Widjaja Kamdani, Benjamin Soemartopo, Sheila Tiwan, Goris Mustaqim, Tri Mumpuni, and Yuyun Ismawati.

President Obama also praised Indonesia’s role in recent G-20 discussions.

Mr Obama’s speech also highlighted progress made in U.S. efforts in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, and mentioned that the Global Technology and Innovation Fund announced in Cairo will potentially mobilize more than $2 billion in investments.

Also in attendance during the opening were United States Trade Representative, Ambassador Ron Kirk, Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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