Sunday, February 20, 2011

President said to be worrying about possible impeachment

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is said to be feeling anxious about a proposed tax graft inquiry committee at the House of Representatives that could potentially lead to his impeachment.

Sutan Bathoegana, a politician from Yudhoyono’s Democratic Party, told on Sunday that Yudhoyono had requested that management of tax corruption cases stay within House Commission III, which oversees legal affairs

“A tax corruption inquiry committee would only cause turbulence on the politics scene, and in effect, would hurt the economy,” Sutan said.

A number of legislators have proposed the formation of a special committee to investigate the country’s notorious tax system.

Sultan said the House law commission was capable of handling the issue. A working committee inside the commission could summon public officials who manage the tax office, he added.

“[The working committee] can check with them one by one. There is no need to form a special committee,” he said.

The proposal to form the committee has been forwarded to the House’s consultative body for further discussion. A plenary meeting would then decide whether or not to grant the proposal. The House consultative body, however, has yet to schedule the next plenary.

Sutan said the Democratic Party faction at the House was ready to vote against the proposal. He was upbeat that the faction and its coalition partners would win the vote.

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