Saturday, April 23, 2011

Justin Bieber fever heats up

Thousands of fans of Justin Bieber, a 17-year old Canadian pop singer, fronted up to collect their tickets to his solo concert in Sentul, Bogor, on Saturday.

While queuing to get concert tickets in Rajakarcis, a ticket agency booth, about 5,000 fans, mostly young girls, shared the excitement of having the opportunity to see Bieber perform live.

Euginia Gloria, 13, booked her Bieber ticket on Jan. 22.

“After waiting for so long, I finally got my ticket. I am very happy!” she squealed in delight to on Friday.

Euginia, who has been a Bieber fan since 2008, plans to get to the concert venue by 10 a.m. to avoid getting stuck in traffic. The concert will begin Saturday at 7 p.m.

Euginia was one of 10,000 fans who bought tickets to Bieber's first concert in Indonesia. In January, 3,000 tickets were sold at Ex shopping center, while another 7,000 tickets were sold online and through sponsoring companies. Ticket prices vary from Rp 500,000 (US$58) to Rp 2.8 million.

Rajakarcis Operational manager Sita Agustiningrum said that around 2,000 fans, who had booked online, collected their tickets Thursday.

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