Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Melinda's family struck by arrest, nicknames

Members of the family of suspected bank embezzler Inong Melinda or "Melinda Dee" say they are deeply concerned by the arrest of Melinda, and offended at the media's handling of her alleged crime.

Melinda is said to have embezzled up to Rp 17 billion (US$1.9 million) from customers at Citibank where she was working as a senior relations manager.

“[My] family have been deeply struck because their mother has never had to deal with the law,” Melinda said, referring to her three children, Muhammad, 23, Denis, 20 and Raihan, 14.

Melinda's children were also affected by the labels the media had named her with, she added.

“Some called me "the sexy bank cheater", and others called me "the pretty bank breaker," Melinda said Monday, as reported by tribunnews.com.

Melinda's attorney, Halapancas, said his client, whose father is a retired Air Force officer, came from a wealthy family. He added that Melinda had always driven her Ferrari sports car to work.

The police have confiscated two red Ferraris belonging to Melinda.

"[The Ferrari] was not gained from stealing from Citibank customers,” he added.

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