Saturday, April 16, 2011

Police detain controversial prosecutor Cirus Sinaga

The National Police decided on Friday to detain controversial prosecutor Cirus Sinaga for the next 24 hours after failing to complete a questioning session in related to Gayus H. Tambunan graft case.

MetroTV reported that police put Cirus in their detention center after Cirus failed to answer a question and said that he needed to see a document at his home.

The TV station reported that police and Cirus would take the document together at Cirus’ home on Saturday.

Cirus Sinaga faces multiple charges in this case. He was accused of receiving monetary compensation for falsifying documents related to the sentencing of Gayus, a former tax official who was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Cirus was also charged with manipulating Gayus’ first trial at the Tangerang District Court. It was alleged that Cirus was tasked with eliminating serious graft charges against Gayus.

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