Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ethics council dismisses Nazaruddin as treasurer

The Democratic Party's ethics council has dismissed Muhammad Nazaruddin from his position as party treasurer because of his alleged involvement in a graft case.

But Nazaruddin is still a member of the party and a legislator in House of Representatives Commission VII.

Jero Wacik, Amir Syamsuddin and EE Mangindaan – members of the party's ethics council – announced Nazaruddin's dismissal Monday night.

"The accusations linking Nazaruddin to the graft case have had a bad impact on the party's image. To keep him in his position [as party treasurer] would disadvantage the party and himself as well," Amir said.

By removing him from the post, the council said it hoped Nazaruddin would have more time to prepare to clear himself of the graft allegations.

Amir said the council would not interfere with Nazaruddin's legal actions.

"If Nazaruddin wants to sue [Constitutional Court chief] Mahfud MD for accusing him in the bribery case, that's his right," he said.

Mahfud has said Nazaruddin had given S$120,000 (US$96,934.45) to Constitutional Court secretary general Janedri M Gaffar for an unclear reason in 2010. The money was then returned to Nazaruddin.

Previously, members of the ethics council, including EE Mangindaan and Jero Wacik, advised Nazaruddin, following his alleged involvement in a SEA Games sports facility graft case, to resign from his position as treasurer for the sake of the party's image.

Nazaruddin said he would not resign from the party. (lfr)

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