Thursday, June 23, 2011

13 Most Efficient Banks in Indonesia

– As many as 13 banks in Indonesia were reckoned to be the most efficient banks compared to the others in the respective category. The categories are foreign and joint venture bank, national private commercial bank, sharia bank and regional development bank as well as commercial bank or state-owned bank.

The conclusion was resulted from Banking Efficiency Award 2011 (BEA 2011) held by Bisnis Indonesia Intelligence Unit (BIIU).

“The 13 banks are of two state-owned banks, four commercial national foreign exchange banks, one people’s credit bank, two joint venture banks, three foreign banks and one commercial national foreign exchange sharia bank,” said BIIU researcher Anton Hermansyah during ‘Banking Efficiency Award 2011’ event at Nikko Hotel, Jakarta, today.

In the BEA 2011, there is an increase in the number of banks categorized as efficient. In the previous BEA, such banks only numbered seven.

In addition, BEA deemed that the efficient-categorized banks are now more distributed. This indicates the increase of efficiency in banking operation in almost all bank categories.

The object of BEA 2011 research was focused on banks operating in Indonesia in 2010. There were 120 banks operating in Indonesia based on the financial statements until December 2010.

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